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Please excuse my first message to Famnord,but they suggested to write in
German, and as my German is very rusty, especially my grammar, I did what I
was told. Everybody who has replied suggested that I write in English, so
here we go.

Hello, from the USA, I hope that someone can help me find some long lost
relatives. I am looking for my sister Kerstin Marquardt and our father Heinz
Marquardt.They were last known to be living in the Garbsen/Hannover area,
from the mid 1970's and well into the 1980's. Kerstin, will have birthday in
August and turns 50 years old. She may have also married since the last I
know which was 1979.Heinz Marquardt worked for Continental Tire as a test
driver and also drove tour buses all over Europe. My grandmother [Heinz's
mother-in-law] was known as Gertrude Schaeffer, she also lived in a
apartment in garbsen for many years until her death in the mid 1980's.All of
this information is based on what I knew for them, from the mid 1970's to
the mid 1980's
I have not heard or seen of them for over 20 years, I would appreciate any
help possible. I have searched for hours and hours over the internet, and
telephoned some Marquardts to no avail.
Thank you very much
Greg B.