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Dear Madam or Sir,

I am trying to find more solid information about the couple Friedrich
Guttowsky (Gutowski) and Wilhelmine Hellwich. They must have lived around
1881 in Tilsit, because there the son Carl Ludwig was born on 15th of April
1881 (Standesamt Tilsit Nr. 178).
I know that later they moved to a very small village called Neudorf (above
Pillkallen) and that Friedrich - who worked in the nearby forest - died
before 1900.

I would like to have some kind of written evidence of who all their
children were, where they were born and if possible where and when
Friedrich and Wilhelmine married, and the exact names of their parents, so
that I can proceed with my research.

I also know that after the death of her husband Wilhelmine Hellwich
remarried with Gottlieb Rasch and moved to Lasdehnen. Perhaps in Lasdehnen
there might be connected to her information about who her parents were and
perhaps the number of children, with names, she actually had with Friedrich

The name Guttowsky/Gutowski is spelled and used in two ways.

I would like to know how to proceed with all my questions and to find the
answers, and if anyone here at this site has good advices for me where to
look or who to approach.

I can understand German (good) and write German (not very fluent). So I
have no problems to read the German answers.

Thank you for reading this mail, and all help is very appreciated.