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MY GGGG Grandfather was Peter Spang I have recently discovered that he
originated from Oldenburg. He emigrate from Germany I believe during the period
1830 to 1846 and finished up in England. From what the family believe the
remainder of the family carried onto America. I am looking for any family
connection past or present to be able to continue with my family history. New to
Germany geneology any help would be greatly appreciated. regards Debbie

In the Oldenburg area we have only 2-3 Spang addresses, but in southern of Germany a lot of them.
Therefore it could be, that your ancestors came from the former Oldenburg province "Birkenfeld 1817-1918" in the today State "Rheinland-Pfalz". There a lot of addresses in Idar-Oberstein, Fischbach, etc.
Regards Werner