Hi List, for those of you who are doing research in MUENSTERBERG,
FRANKENSTEIN and REICHENSTEIN, I can highly recommend the newsletter called
It is completely in german, but has often photos of the various regions and
if you can read german, it gives a little history of the towns and villages.
It also gives you the death notices of present members/subscribers along
with their former addresses in Silesia and present address. The same for
birthday wishes, full names,maidennames, addresses in Silesia and present.,
sometimes with a phone number.
I have found several surnames that are in my ancestors and I am busy writing
letters in the hope that I may find a distant cousin or relative!
The cost for 6 months is 33.20DM, for mailing to USA add 20.00DM for
postage; I can give you the address etc, please contact me ,Eleonore