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I am a new subscriber and new to Germany research and also new to
researching immigrants to the U.S. from Germany.

I am looking for information on a man named Henry (Heinrich?)
Hattendorf, b. abt 1822, and his wife Leonore (or other spellings), born

abt 1819 and son, Conrad, b. September 1849.

They are found on the 1860 U.S. Census in Battle Creek, Calhoun County,
Michigan, USA According to that record, they were all born in
Hannover. Also listed are two more sons, John, b. November 1855 and
Frank, b. abt 1859, who were born in Michigan. One source gives the
year of immigration as 1855.

The 1880 U.S. census records for John and Conrad give Baden as the place

of birth for the parents. In subsequent years, it was given as Germany.

I would like to know how they got to the United States and in
particular, Michigan. Did they go to Canada and down the St. Lawrence
river to Michigan?

Margaret McCleskey, Arlington, Texas, USA

Hattendorfs exist in our area..
Schaumburg Illinois and from Schaumburg Lippe..
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     There is a website that has many passenger lists online. It is

     I found several Hattendorfs listed as passengers there, who were
arriving in the U.S from Bremen Germany, but they are later than the dates
you give. They came through Baltimore or New York. This is a volunteer
organization that has entered many passenger lists and continue to do so. If
your ancestors are not listed, they may be there at a later time.
    If you wish to see what I found, go to that website, then choose any of
the first 5 volumes, when that page comes up, scroll to the bottom and do a
search there (with the Google that is limited to the ISTG). It will bring
up the Hattendorfs.

Barbara Stewart

     I also found a website that might provide some clues. They don't seem
to be the exact people you speak of, but they are Hattendorfs and the names
of Henry and Conrad are used. they just may be some relatives of your
Check this:

Barbara Stewart

Thank you for this information. You are correct, none of them seem to be the
ones I am researching. However, I suspect that they are related in some way.
I am not familiar with German naming patterns.


Barbara Stewart wrote: