Neunkirchen or Neukirchen (Carole Gerosolimo)

Barbara and Gale - thank you for the replies and suggestions about
Neun/Neukirchen. Barbara - I keep hearing about your trusty Atlas and it
sounds like a good one. Where can I buy one?

Gale, looking at your email address - do you have the name Buske in your
lines? I have a Buske I am looking hard for information on. Feel free to
contact me off list if you want to discuss Buske. I have him in this
country, but no family or origin across the pond. The censuses have him
from Prussia, not Germany. Regards, Carole

     If you look at this website, you will see the newer version of the
Autoatlas Deutschland that I have. It is the 5th item from the top, now
called the Falk Superatlas - Germany (Deutschland). Map scale is 1:200,000
and that is important to find small villages, etc. This company used to be
in Utah, I believe, now in Canada: