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bin auf der Suche nach dem Namen Külzow ,Kälzow ,Költzow,Kölzow,Kelzow im Gebiet Ankershagen, Neustrehlitz, Penzlin um vor 1800.
Sagt einem Forscher der Name Sophie Elisabeth Johanna Kolbow geb.1777 jüngste Tochter des Holländers Kolbow in Rethewisch,
verheiratet mit Friedrich Joachim Külzow am 28.11.1804 in Ankershagen, etwas.
Ich bin für jede Info dankbar.


Hello Thomas,
I would try to write you in German, but unfortunately, mine is just not
very good. Here is hoping you can read English, or know someone who can

I meant to write back when this first post came, however, I was reminded
when you sent the second. I don't know if this will help you, but in doing
my own family research, I had to engage a professional to help me find my
Költzow family in Mecklenburg. (The name was change in the US to Kuelzer so
it took me a long time to find them.)

Here is what I have:
My Great Great Grandfather was :
Johann Joachim Wilhelm Kölzow

B: 31 Jul 1825 in Breesen, Laage

His wife, my Great Great Grandmother, was
Christine Friedrike Sophie Magdalene Epke

B: 17 June 1828 in Gottin, Warnkenhagen

His father was:
Johann Joachim Friedrich Kölzow

His wife is listed as Maria Dorothea Born

I do not know specifically where Johann Joachim Friedrich was born and it
seems that this family moved quite a bit and I

have been looking at Penzlin as well.

I don't know if this is relevant or not, but it can't hurt to reach out in
case we can share information.

Best regards,

Nancy Mattoon

Minnesota USA