I want to learn about my Neubert ancestors. Sometimes their name is spelled Neuber. Can anyone please help me? Does anyone have any information on my Neubert - Neuber families? Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. My email address is

Here is what I know:

August Neubert - son

Born on October 5, 1891 in Hamburg, Germany

Immigrated to USA in 1894

August Neubert - father

Born on July 7, 1862 in Woeskenitt (according to Wormditt church records)

Immigrated to USA in 1894

Amalie Neubert (or Neuber) - grandmother

Born in about 1833 in Germany

Charlotte is a sister

Married Gottfried Schroter, in Schmauch on November 2, 1865

Andreas Neubert (or Neuber) - great grandfather

Birth unknown

Lived in Woeskenitt

Records searched:

Liebstadt Marriages Film #0072129

Liebstadt Film #072126

Schmauch Parish #0902610

Schmauch Civil Records #1201301

Evangelical Church Books 183 - 1887 #0070966

Garrison Church Preubisch Holland #0172516

Liebstadt Registrar's Office #1634001

Reichswalde Registrar's Office #1201281

Where they lived:

Districts of Braunsberg, Mohrungen, Preussich Holland and Hielsberg and Liebstandt, Allenstein, Woeskenitt, Schmauch,