Names with Von as a prefix/was there ever a VON

Hello MaryJane,
I think Barbie hit the nail on the head - Ceylon is /was a major supplier of
tea from its large tea plantations, it was also a traditional posting for
the British army, navy and airforce. It might interest you to know that by
inputting 'ANDREE' the name 'ANDREW' also was listed in the results.

You asked about ANDREE and the VON - I found these three entries in the
government databank, which will give you an idea of how the name spread
around the world. There were also quite a few entries for ANDREEs, who
settled in England and Ireland in medieval times.

Reference:- FO 925/142
Afrika, von R. Andree und A. Scobel. 1:10,000,000. Insets: Sklavenkueste,
Kamerungebiet, Zanzibar und Deutsch Ostafrika, Kamerunmundung. Velhagen &
Klafing, Leizig./
DATE: 1890

Reference No. E 30/1475/4
Similar petition from P. Andree de Sancto Juliano/ DATE: [1310-1311.]

Reference No. E 213/22
Place or Subject: Receipt by Thomas Andree, an English squire, to Master . .
. ., Constable of . . . ., for . . . 1., wages of himself and his men./ DATE

Rena in England


It was Velhagen & KLasing, Leipzig,

not Velhagen & KlaFing, Leizig


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