My Hannover Surnames For List Newcomers

My Beverstedt relatives are:

Wilhelm Ahrens - no dates
Catherine Margarete Koster (wife) - no dates
Borchert Hermann Jacob Ahrens (son) - born 3/23/1844
Nicolaus Carl Angelitus Ahrens (son) - born 3/22/1842
Margarete Wilhelm Dorothea Ahrens (daughter) - born 3/27/1849

George Clendenin


Do you know that the LDS has the film for church records in Beverstedt from


I have a Wilhelm Ahrens in my records but the wife and childrens names do
not match. My Wilhelm Ahrens first came to Iowa and later moved to Thayer
Co, NE. But, as Barbara Stewart informs, the LDS church does have the
microfilm for the Beverstedt church for years 1715-1852.

Paul Scheele

I am also looking for Ahrens relatives. Am looking for any information on

Friedrich Ahrens m. Anna Marie Castens, she born 18 Oct 1846 at Frielingen, Hanover, Germany. They probably married at Frielingen. The immigrated to Texas, would like to find where and if any family in America.

Also looking for and further information on

Johann Heinrich Ahrend he b. 27 Dec 1848 and d. 22 May 1910, who m.
Anna Catharine Wilhelmine Castens she b. 26 Nov 1851 at Frielingen, d. 7 Jan 1935.
They married probably at Frielingen 15 Oct 1875. They had one son Heinrich. Would like to know if there are any descendants.

They are sisters of my grandfather.

Yvonne Castens Prough

Hello Yvonne
     You've probably looked at all these places. But I'll mention them
anyway: for Texas, try: and go to Texas. There are some
searches you can run there. Sometimes, some of these state pages contain
something that general searches don't pick up. Try -
there are many family trees there. Also, I'm sure you have done the usual Too bad, Texas is such a huge state. I did a search there for
Ahrens and there are TOO MANY people to try to contact anybody there. It
wasn't clear whether John Arend or Heinrich immigrated to America.
One tough challenge there--good luck!

Dear Yvonne,
       If you go to the LDS website ( and do a search
for Friederich Ahrens you will get some census records. How about the
listing below? This spelling is different for the last name, but misspelled
names are common in census records. The father here is 30 years old. Ann
is the wife (like the Anna Marie Castens?) and her birthdate in Germany
would be about 1846. Could this be the family you were looking for? The
children are born in Ill,and Wisconsin. They may have moved a lot? You
might look at the others on the site--I don't know....

Fredrick AHRINS Self M Male W 30 GERM Farmer

Ann AHRINS Wife M Female W 34 GERM Keeps House

Caroline AHRINS Dau S Female W 10 IL
Gurta AHRINS Dau S Female W 6 WI
Albert AHRINS Son S Male W 3 WI