My families

I am new to the list, just getting back into researching my German families.
I apolgize for writing in English. My German is very weak.

The families that I am researching are:
HECKENKAMP, John(Johann) Bernard from Coesfeld birth 1806
  m. NAGEL, Anna Katherina birth 1802

HECKENKAMP, Frances(Franz) William born 1844 Coesfeld
  m. KRONER, Mary Ann birth1834 Herzlake Doren, Hannover

HECKENKAMP, John (Johann) William born Herzlake, Hannover birth 1807
  m. STARMANN, Margaretha Angela (first married surname KRONER) born 1808 Herzlake

Also is there a Grossen Dohren near Haselunne, Hannover?

Does any one know about a website by Dr. Stefan Remme? I believe that it is called Zur Geschichte von Dohren im Emsland, or this is the name of a book. Can someone please help me out with this. There is suppose to be a picture of the STARMANN family farm on it in Grossen Dohren.

Thanks so much for any help,
Kerry McHugh Upton
Olympia WA

Hello Kerry,

      It's a great picture! Here's the website:

Click on Dohren. Then click on #2 and there will be a list of names,
including Starmann. You'll see the picture of the farm by clicking on
There's also a list of email addresses including a Starmann. That may be
helpful for your research.

There is indeed a Groß Dohren southeast of Haselünne.