Munderloh and others

Hello, Martina,
  I do not know if you are still on the list. I found your posting of 2000
and thought I'd take a chance and see if you are on the list.
  I notice quite a number of surnames you research can be found in the
Nebraskan cemeteries in or around Dodge County, Nebraska.
  I wonder if you have made any connection to their emigrations to Nebraska
or perhaps on the way, such as Illinois, or Iowa, etc.
  My own great-grandmother was a MUNDERLOH from Dodge County. Her father,
Gerd Munderloh, was from the Oldenburg area and emigrated with his first
wife and her brother, Gerhard MONNICH. I am just learning about this
line but the same names seem to come up in groups on both sides of the
Atlantic. They must have very interesting connections.
  Please let me know what you have found out in the last four years about
the Munderlohs or any that went to Nebraska. Could your "Cassebohm" perhaps
also be read as "Kassebaum?"
  My parents and I are interested not only in one line but in the
connections of these families.
Hope to hear from you.
Amy (Klemke) Uehara, Japan

From: Martina Lalk <mlalk(a)>
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