Mulsum, Hanover, Germany

Very interested in Mulsum connection. Rarely see that village mentioned. My family left Mulsum via Bremerhaven in 1856-7 but are recorded in Protestant church records there. Fickbohm-Koehler are the names. Previously Johan Peter Fickbohm lived in Altenbruch and also Neuenwalde. He married Catherina Stemmerman. Please let me know if you are from the same Mulsum


let me try to evaluate this a little deeper.
You are sending your request over the Hann(!)over list.

However, the little community of Mulsum was and is located between
the city of Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven, just about middle the way
on route.

Bremerhaven is south of it, Cuxhaven north of it.

And sure, there is another Mulsum near Stade and Buxtehude. You
just have to dig deeper, before the final Kirchspiel can be
named. Still a couple of chances to go.

Check here:

and enter MULSUM - you will get 7 results. And all of
them may be relevant.

Ralf Stamporek

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