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I am reseaching my M�ller family from Guben Sommerfeld Prussia and
need help where to find any records of them in Germany
this is what I have found so far in Australia
Gustav Adolph Theodor M�ller born abt 1833 (Guben is where family in
Aust say he came from, from old family letters)
he married Marie Helene Haeckes (unknown date) she was born in 1836
they had
1. Charles Theodor Otto Muller born 29 aug 1857 Sommerfeld
2. Henry Theodor Muller born 8 oct 1860 Sommerfeld
( bold name is what they used).
they arrived on the ship Sophie & Friedericke in 1861 to South
once in Australia they had more children.
I'm hoping someone can help me find them in German records as I know
Guben and Sommerfeld are now part of Poland but
they lived in Guben and Sommerfeld before any change took place .

Regards Tricia Miller

   I hope you are somewhere near a LDS (Morman) center, because they have
records of both Sommerfeld and Guben:

Kirchenbuch, 1657-1840
Evangelische Kirche Sommerfeld (Kr. Crossen)
Evangelical parish register of births, marriages and deaths in Sommerfeld
(Kr. Crossen), Brandenburg, Germany, now Lubsko (Zielona Góra), Zielona
Góra, Poland.

Evangelical parish register of baptisms, marriages and deaths in Guben,
Brandenburg, Germany, now partly in Germany and partly in Poland (Gubin,
Zielona Góra, Poland).
Kirchenbuch, 1612-1870 Evangelische Kirche. Stadtkirche Guben (StKr. Guben)
Kirchenbuch, 1677-1831 Evangelische Kirche. Klosterkirche Guben (StKr. Guben)
Kirchenbuch, 1832-1919 Evangelische Kirche. Militärgemeinde Guben
Kirchenbuchduplikat, 1862-1865 Evangelische Kirche. Stadtkirche Guben (StKr.

You can order the films at the LDS center and view them there.

Good luck,
Barbara Stewart