Morhaus Document

Werner Honkomp and All --

In April 2011, Mr. Honkomp found an old document for me about the history of two Morhaus priests in Damme. The title of the document was
"Story of Damme of Dr. Otto zu Höne, Statement about Reselage." This history also told about the Morhaus cottage in Damme located on the "Moors Gang." He said that the document was written in 1920 and the "Moors Gang" no longer exists.

I have three questions about this document:

1. Where was the document found? If it was in a database, would I have access to it?

2. Do you think the priests were at St. Viktor? The document says the priests were in Damme in the 1600s.

3. How could I find the area where the cottage was located in Damme? My husband and I will visit Damme in the spring and would like to visit the the area where this might have existed.

I would attach the document, but this list does not permit, correct?

Thanks to all.