MOELLER - meaning of the name

Dear Mecklenburg List:

I am researching two names. MUELLER and MOELLER in two different families. I
know that Mueller means "Miller" (as in miller of grain). Does Moeller also
mean miller? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Mueller and Moeller have exactly the same meaning. I have several
ancestors with this name switching between both writings from
record to record.

Hans-Dietrich Gronau

President of the Verein für mecklenburgische Familien- und
Personengeschichte e.V. -

Hello Katherine,
as Herr Gronau already said Mueller and Moeller is the same. Moeller is the
Low German form (Niederdeutsch/Plattdeutsch) of the High German Mueller. The
writing depended on the very vicar: if he was a North German he normally
used the form Moeller, if he was from other german areas or was more
"educated" he used Mueller. That is the same with other family and christian

Anne Schwarm