Mixed Civil- / Churchbooks - was: German terminology in burial records

Hallo Ralf,

wenn in dem befreffenden Mikrofilm Kirchenbuch und Standesamt verwechselt
worden ist, dann ist der Nachbar m�glich. Das wird Bonnie nun pr�fen, wie
sie mir schrieb, indem sie am Anfang den Titel des Dokuments einsieht.

In case of confusing "church records" with "civil registration" it is surely
possible that a neighbor appears. That will be now checked by Bonnie. She
wrote, that she will check the title of the whole document at the very


es gibt hierbei ueberhaupt kein Problem :slight_smile:

That's how easy it is. An indexing problem, nothing else.

Ralf Stamporek

Bernd G�rtz schrieb:

Hi Bonnie,
indeed, there was civil registration during the french occupation of the
area of Hannover from about 1809, sometimes earlier, to 1813. After this
time most of the now free areas returned back to the old registration, that
means church books.

What do you are reading? You can see it at the film-headline. In case of
civil registration you will find this film named as civil registration.
Otherwise it is a church record.

To clarify this problem I propose sending a copy of this part of the page to
my Email-address and I will try to read it correctly. I cannot believe in
"the neighbor".