Meyer/Ratermann in Alfhausen

Hello all,
I'm researching a MEYER / RATERMANN family in ALFHAUSEN, and I wanted to see if anyone on the list were related (and had already researched this family/area) or maybe had access to the Alfhausen church books and could check for me. I'm posting to both the Hannover and Oldenburg list since Alfhausen is just over the border, and my ancestor Casper August Meyer's first wife and a number of his children and grandchildren's spouses came from Oldenburger Münsterland.

I initially found a DNA connection for my ancestor Casper August Meyer (born about 1843) that led me to a Meyer family in Gaste outside Osnabrück. I could not find my ancestor, but there were two sons unaccounted for in the Gaste family (the rest came to America where I found them or died), Johan Heinrich Meyer (born 1805) and Casper Heinrich Meyer (born 1814), and I could not determine where their father came from. I have continued to look for where the two missing sons went, and I may have found one below.
I have had a few more relatives' DNA tested, and I tracked these DNA matches to a Meyer family in Alfhausen. There is a RATERMANN farm in THIENE outside Alfhausen. In about 1834 one of the Ratermann daughters (Anna Maria Catherina) married a Johan Henrich Casper Meyer (born about 1812; sometimes referred to in the church books as Casper Heinrich). The Ratermann son/brother who was supposed to inherit the farm left with his family for America in the 1830s, and the Casper Heinrich and Anna Maria Catherina either bought or inherited the farm (apparently there were two family stories circulating). Casper/Anna Maria had several children, and some of them went to America too (at least a couple of them to Cincinnati).
I have tracked back DNA matches with my family members and two different people to one of Casper/Anna Maria's daughters Bernardina (though her daughter Maria Schulte, who came to Cincinnati). I have also tracked back a couple of DNA matches to Ratermanns descended from one of at least two of Casper/Anna Maria's sons who came to Cincinnati. These matches were a little suspect since these Ratermanns were also related to both of my Casper August Meyer's wives (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky must have been a small town back then), but I have also matched paternal haplogroup types with one of the direct males descendants of Casper Henrich Ratermann/Meyer.
Has anyone on the list researched this Alfhausen/Thiene family? I think that my Casper August could be either a son of Casper/Anna Maria, or, more likely since he kept the Meyer name, maybe a nephew (I'm thinking maybe some of Casper Henrich's brothers became Heuerlings on his farm or maybe lived in the area).
Alternatively, if anyone has access to the Alfhausen church records (or maybe the surrounding towns), could you check for a Casper August Meyer (or Ratermann) born between 1840 to 1845?
I am primarily searching for Casper August Meyer, but I would also be interested in any information on this Thiene family since I have several DNA matches which lead back to them. I would also be interested in any information on Johan Casper Henrich Meyer the Ratermann farm buyer/inheritor since his descendant did have a paternal match with me and he could be the Casper Heinrich who I lost in Gaste.
Thanks,Don Meyer