Hello List

I am searching for information on my ancestor Barthold Meyer/Mayer from
Leonberg. My ancestors are:

Barthold Meyer/Mayer-ca. 1597 (Leonberg) ?
Anton Mayer-10 Feb1645 (Spachbr�cken)
Johann Dietrich Mayer-26 Jul 1674 (Spachbr�cken)
Anton Mayer-14 Aug 1712 (Spachbr�cken)
Johann Nicolaus Mayer-25 Apr 1739 (Spachbr�cken)
* Familienbuch Spachbr�cken (2 books)

Georg Heinrich Mayer I-8 Mar 1772 (Zeilhard) (immigrated to USA in 1850)
Georg Heinrich Mayer II-4 Sept 1804 (Zeilhard) (immigrated to USA in 1850)
Heinrich Mayer-7 Jan 1839 (Zeilhard) (immigrated to USA in 1850)
* Familien in Georgenhausen, Dilshofen und Zeilhard (1 book)

I would appreciate any help. I would like to find out if there is a
familienbuch for Leonberg or if there are any military records for Barthold
for Gie�en.

Donna Mayer-Polk