Menke / manke

Good Afternoon,

   Sorry this is in English - unfortunately I don't know German. I am
   looking for information and relatives of my great-great-grandfather,
   Christoph Menke. Possibly spelled Christoph Manke. I have seen both
   spellings in family documents. He came to America from Volhynia
   (Wolyn) Russia, but was born and raised in Prussia. I believe he was
   from Nieder Ausmaas, the Ilow area, Hohenkirch, or possibly from
   Bielefeld-Neustadt. His approximate year of birth was 1831, and he
   married to Emilie Brandt (b. 1854). Emilies' mother's last name was

   Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

   Chris Menke

Dear Chris,

I have MENKE as well in my family tree. It is my great-great-grandmother
Helene MENKE, married with August KEHLER/KOEHLER in the vicinity of
Koenigsberg, Opr.

Best regards