Martin Bezold Horr


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My name is Helga Bezold, I am new to this list and I try the found a contact or information
of My GG- Father MARTIN BEZOLD HORR , He was born in 1878 possible in Nurnberg - Germany. He had a two brothers
CARLOS and GUSTAVO BEZOLD HORR , they were in Germany, while my great-grandfather who was accountant of House OBLERG, in that then go to South America , Arequipa - Peru 1901, to the 23 of age. He marriage 1903 with great-grandmother CLORINDA TURNER and had 9 children. He die February 22, 1947 Arequipa - Peru ( 69 year ago)

Martin Bezold Horr marriage Clorinda Turner ( Arequipa - Peru) 1903
Jorge R., Carlos, Eduardo, Guillermo, Matilde, Funny, Carmela and Antonieta Bezold Turner .

Jorge R. Bezold Turner marriage Angelica Zarate (Arequipa - Peru) 1928 and had 4 children :
Jorge M., Dora, Carmela and Cora Bezold Zarate

Jorge M.B ezold Zarate marriage Estela Pardo Figueroa ( Lima - Peru) 1959 and had 3 children:
Jorge R., Norma and Helga Bezold

    Sincerely , Herzlichst

Helga Bezold
(937) 667-4605

This is the wrong list. You should go to Franken-List -- Genealogy in Franconia [bilingual, open List]
Nürnberg is located in the State Bavaria, province Franconia(Franken).

The phone directory listed a lot of Bezold addresses in Nürnberg(or Nuernberg).

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