Marriage and marriage bans

What would a marriage ban look like? Would one mistake it for a
   marriage in the records. I am all worried now.
   I had trouble telling that my Seil was annulled or divorced. It could
   be a reason from catholic to luthern for some. Let alone to translate
   a marriage ban.

   doesn't it seem that the males get married and take over the farm all
   at the same time. In the case of the death of the father. Others who
   are not to inherit the farm go elsewhere or simply work for the
   brother. Perhaps that is a reason for a delay in maririage.

   I wouldn't mind learning more about this subject.
   Very interesting.
   Jo Meyer

I see that this is on the Hanover site but if it goes anything like it did
in holland, the marriage bans were written together with the marriage,
there could be any number of reasons that people would abject to the
marriage if the groom made promises to a girl to get her to have sex with
him, also if there could be a family connection sometimes into the 3
generation, in the first case the preacher or a judge would made a decision,
the second they would check it out to make sure they were really not blood
related, also if a sibling wanted to marry the partner of the desceasd, the
man dies and his brother wants to marry the widow, they would need special
permission from the king. Also you may find that a catholic couple marries
in a Luthern church because if they lived in area of the country where that
was the offical religion they had to marry there to be legal, So catholics
living in northern holland married Luthern and luthern living in the south
would have to marry catholic. this last part was up to the time of Napolean.
but if the marriage did not go thru you would know, because it would state
it with the reason, also with the baptism of their childern it would state
ill. So you can assume they did marry if you found childern baptized with
their parents name and not the add. of ill. p.s. also some churchs would
add ill. if the parents were married a least 7 or 8 months proir to the
birth other church were not that difficult as long as they were married at
the time of birth. Anna Marie