Hello Joyce,
My new address is
Greetings Betty

Joyce schrieb:

Hello Betty,
You surely saw my e-mail quick. How have you been? Last week I wrote to your old e-mail address and it was returned. I had wanted to have you send my e-mail address to "Kathie McC" who I thought wrote to you.

Today I signed on with the Oldenburg website as you know and was able to find your new e-mail address. As you noticed, mine has changed also.

I have written to Kathie McC a few minutes ago to see if we can help each other with the Luken family.

You and I had once discussed my husbands Bird (Vogel in Germany) family but I didn't ask you to search. I noticed a Michael Vogel on the list of subscribers. We have not been successful on locating further records in the US. At this time, I am not looking for you to search the records but perhaps in the future.

Thank you for writing,
Best Wishes,