Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, Wilfried Jarchow

Don and Nancy Vergin were recently to Germany and Poland looking up
relatives of the Vergin name and
  of the Voss name. We had incomplete records on the Voss side and with a
translator visited the
  Schwerin Archives. Both the church and land and between the two places we
figured out that
  Carl and Ernst Voss were from Eldena south of Ludwigslust. They were
members of the Evagelische Church at Eldena.
  A Ms Kruger at the church archives is working on
  finding all the records for the family and then emailing me the cost for
each. The people at the archives
  at both places were so very helpful, even with a language barrier..:>)
  Is there anywhere we can write to find out if any living descendents still
  Danke Schoen...
  Nancy Vergin.