Looking for Fricke

Barbara - Thanks, Some of the information I have is from the Census reports
& that is how I estimated their birth years,
I had searched the LDS records before, but I had not stumbled across the
one for Heinrich Fricke - They are the same, at least their data
matches what I have. They have a few more birth dates, but they were also
missing two of the children. So the little bits add up.
Unfortunately they did not list a source for the information, which would
be nice. I would like to know where the name of Sophie appeared
with the maiden name & look at it myself. Someone had to run across it
somewhere & had gotten those dates too. Just a big puzzle.
Thanks again,
Steve Frickey

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Hello Steve,

      Your search is not easy! There are two pages in LDS searches that


be your family. One lists Heinrich Fricke as born 16 Jan 1815 and died 5
Sep 1884. His wife is listed as Sophie Fchiere(??), born in Germany16


1821 and death 27 June 1885. Children listed as Henry( born 1849 in
Hannover) Godfrey, Lena, Christina, Peter, Louis and Mary born in La
Rose,Marshall, IL

      The other page is the 1880 census where Henry Frickey and Sophie


in Bennigton, Marshall, IL Some children are listed although some could
have moved out of the house by 1880. Godfee, Petor, Luis and Mary.
Do you think both would be that family?

    That Fchiere name is quite strange and is probably someone's mistaken
read on some record. Have you checked any church records in Illinois for


births where the mother's maiden name may be listed? Since it is


an unusual name, if the correct spelling were known, you may find her


somewhere more easily than the Fricke name.

Good luck,

> Hello List -
> I am looking for family information on the surname Frickey (Fricke).
> The information I have is:
> Father - Henry (Heinrich) Frickey (Fricke) born about 1815 in or around
> Hannover
> Mother - Sophia the maiden name is unknown
> The marriage date is unknown.
> They emigrated to the United States between 1853-1854.
> Before emigrating they had two children:
> Henry Frickey born about 1849
> Charles Carl Frickey born 2 September 1852
> They emigrated to Illinois in the United States and had at least six


Hi Steve,
     I'm still hunting for your Fricke. Are you familiar with the
Ortsfamilienbücher? They are heritage books from one town/village that list
the people that lived there and information about them. As you know, Fricke
is a very common name. If you go to:


you can search the various towns that are listed.
Go to any of them and go to the list of "Gesamtliste der familiennamen" ,
then choose by alphabet. I haven't looked through all of them, but I found
some Frickes in Bremen-Lesum and Bramstedt, Lavelsloh, Vegesack-Bremen,
Lohne, Uelsen (unfortunately no real match to your Henry, I don't think).