Looking for family history on Höfemann & Hovemann from Bassum/Diepholz area

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I'm looking for more information about my ancestors who came from the Hannover area, mainly from the Kirchekreise Sulingen. Towns they were born, baptized and married were: Apelstedt, Wedehorn, Wesenstedt, Schmalförden and Neuenkirchen. Note these are all in the kreise Diepholz, area's Bassum and Ehrenburg.

i have the following information:

My original german ancestor who emigrated to Holland (confirmed at the dutch national archives):
Johann Heinrich Höfemann (known as Hendrik Heuvelman in NL)
* 28-11-1767 in Wedehorn
~ 1-12-1767 in Neuenkirchen
+ 9-6-1851 in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (NL)

son of:
Rolf Diet(e)rich Höfemann
* in Wesenstedt
~ 29-10-1741 in Schmalförden
+ 18-10-1809 in Apelstedt

x 5-12-1764 in Schmalförden

Anna Sophia Sundermans
* august 1738 in Wedehorn
+ 18-9-1772 in Apelstedt

Parents of Rolf Dietrich:
Johann Hovemann (* 1710; + 1775)
Catharina Elisabeth Krankenberg (* 1716; + 1752)

The dates for Rolf and Anna are unconfirmed...i don't remember where i got them from, somewhere on the internet, but i have no definate evidence. Same goes for Johann Hovemann. For some reason the last name changed from Hovemann to Höfemann, but also unconfirmed.
All i have found out so far is that these places they were baptised and married are part of the Sulingen church district and there should be records of them in the church registers, but alas...not online....
Any help would be appreciated, especially if the dates and names can be confirmed.

If anyone needs help on their Dutch ancestors i would be glad to help out if i can.

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Angelique Hofman

Hello Angelique,

  A Google search shows this:


You will find some of the names you mention.

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