Ernst and Martha Tichelmann had at least one son. Ernst died in 60's had lost first wife and child horribly in Konigsberg, he was a soldier.
My Opa Franz and Oma Anna Becker after fleeing Konigsberg came to live in Berlin and he worked for postal service both in Konigsberg and in Berlin. I know Opa Franz had many siblings and have since found out one of his siblings has many many family members still living there in Germany. Please if you are a Becker contact me to see if we are kin!! Bitte!!
If you are kin to Hildegard Graunke (Bastert) please contact me. I know she was daughter of Margrete or Grete and Otto Bastert.
Opa Franz Becker (my Grandmothers vater) also had 2 sons I have found family of one son but am looking for Kurt Beckers son Kurt died in '41 during service. Kurt married a woman named Urmgard? His son would be in his 60's and pretty sure born in month of November.He is married with children. His name Reinhard Becker.He was only a baby when his biological father died.
Also am looking for a Karen who is daughter of Anna Schmidt. Anna was my Opas girlfried after my Oma passed away.
Thankyou for any help!