Looking for Ancestry

I am looking for all available ancestry data regarding the following individuals.

Tobias Reule, 1785-1864; Trzebcz, Westpreussen

Christine Kuhne/Kuehner, 1794-1855; Trzebcz, Westpreussen

     Johann Tobias Reule, 1817-after 1845; Trzebcz, Westpreussen

          Anna Wesner/unknown

     Christian Reule/Reile, 1819-1899; Marienwerder,

          Eunice Christine Schulz, 1819-1903; Marienwerder,

     Jacob Frederich Reule, 1823-1865; Kulm, Westpreussen

          Maria Elizabeth Wern/unknown

     Rosina Reule, 1832- unknown; Kulm, Westpreussen

          Johann Jacob Schulz/unknown

     Jacob Conrad Reule, 1839-1840; Trzebcz, Westpreussen


     Andreas Schulz, 1785/1799 - unknown; Marienwerder,

          Anna Schmitz, 1782/92 - unknown; Marienwerder,

     Elizabeth Schulz, 1818 - unknown; Marienwerder,

     Caroline Schulz, 1821 - unknown; Marienwerder, Westpreussen

     Wilhelmine Schulz, 1833 - unknown; Marienwerder,

There is some indication that Christian Reule, Andreas Schulz, Anna Schmitz, Elizabeth Schulz, Eunice Christine Schulz, Caroline Schulz and Wilhelmine Schulz were born in "Czencandowitz", however I have not been able to confirm the name or existence of this town.

Any assitance or sharing of information will be greatly appreciated.