Hans Christian LOGES geb. 15.09.1825 (Gross Berkel, Hannover, Germany)
verheiratet am ____________ mit Justine BROCKMANN geb. 26.03.1824 (Bad
Pyrmont?) Kinder von den beiden: Frederick William August LOGES geb.
31.08.1825 (Gross Berkel, Hannover, Germany).

Friedrich LOGES geb. 15.06.1830 (Gross Berkel, Hannover, Germany)
verheiratet am 1855 mit Wilhelmina LOOG geb. 22.04.1825 ( Hildesheim,

English: Looking for information on LOGES relatives/ancestors from
Gross Berkel/Bad Pyrmont area of Niedersachen.

Father: Hans Christian LOGES b. 9/15/1825 in Gross Berkel, Hannover,
Wife: Justine BROCKMANN b. 3/26/1824 likely born in the same general
area of Bad Pyrmont.
  Son, Frederick William August LOGES b. 8/31/1825 Gross Berkel,
Hannover, Germany.

Brother: Friedrich LOGES, b. 6/15/1830 Gross Berkel, Hannover, Germany
Brother's wife: Wilhelmina LOOG , b. 4/22/1825 Hildesheim, Prussia
m. 1855

The family emigrated in Spring 1854 from Bremen on the Bark ADONIS which
landed in New Orleans, USA. The family located near Pyrmont, Missouri,
USA which was founded by Germans who had previously emigrated from Bad

Family links from Germany: LOGES, HANSEN, JOHANNSEN

Any information appreciated.
Clay Loges
Seattle, USA