Loechel / Lochel

I am seeking information about my great-great-grandfather, Johann Ernst
Loechel (or Löchel) born on January 6 1843 in Groß Schmollen / Muschten.
The family was Lutheran.
His mother was Anna Elisabeth (nee Junge), born 1799/1800. His father was
Georg Löchel (or perhaps Johann Georg). The couple had seven children; I
only know what has happened to three of them.
The mother Anna Elisabeth Loechel was a widow when she migrated to South
Australia in 1859 with her son Johann Ernst and her daughter Anna Dorothea
(born c.1838).
An older daughter, Johanne Dorothea Louise (born 12.19.1826) already
married Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Janetzki and they and their children,
emigrated to South Australia in the year 1856.
I have searched extensively but can find no record of these Loechels before
they migrated, except that they were going to travel to the US in 1858, but
came to South Australia the following year.

Hi Heather

Assuming your family came from Brandenburg, have you looked here?

http://is.gd/LrZVZq (familysearch... but these are Catholic records)

If theyw ere from the other side of the Oder they may have actually been from Neumarkt in Schlesien see: http://genforum.genealogy.com/germany/messages/56752.html


Pax vobiscum,