Lemkau Surname

Hello Cindi,

I am sure Frieburg is to read Freiburg in the Land Kehdingen, situated on the
southern banks of the Elbe between Hamburg and Cuxhaven. In that region the
river Elbe was the northern border of the Kingdom Hannover.

In general the surname Lemkau is unusual in the Land Kehdingen but indeed in
1952 there was one family Hermann Lemkau living in Freiburg. In 1959 no
family called Lemkau is metioned any longer in Freiburg.

Following persons called Lemkau have been found in my documents:
abt. 1850 Diedrich Wuemling and his wife Rebecka neé Lemkau in Krummendeich
(less than
3 miles from Freiburg) and
abt. 1870 Johann Willers and his wife Metta neé Lemkau in Dösemoor (also less
than 3 miles from Freiburg).
I think Lemkau is a another form of the surname Lemke. Since 1581 many
families called Lemke are shown in documents of the village Oederquart which
is abt. 2 miles only from Freiburg.
The surname Oelrich(Oellerich) is wide-spread in the Land Kehdingen, shown in
documents of Freiburg since 1581 too. On the church-bell of Freiburg -
founded in 1744 - is mentioned the name of Peter Ölrich who was a member of
the parish council in Freiburg at that time.

For further information about Anna Lemkau and her son Claus Friedrich I would
recommend to write to the office of the parish of Freiburg address of which
ev.-luth. Pfarramt
Hauptstr. 24
21729 Freiburg, Elbe
asking them to give you the complete and exact wording of Claus Friedrich`s
entry of baptism.
After receipt of that certificate from Freiburg - which of course will be in
German - kindly send me a copy and I shall translate it into English for you.

Albin von Spreckelsen
Tekenbarg 10
21224 Rosengarten

Herr Von Spreckelsen,

Herzlichen Dank f�r den Hinweis auf Land Kehdingen und das Vorkommen des Familiennamens "Oelrich/Oellerich" dort seit 1581.
Wenn ich jetzt nur w�sste, wo die britischen Regimenter damals stationiert waren, und wo man weiteres �ber einen einzelnen Soldaten "Henrich Oellerich aus [K�nigreich] Hannover" erfahren k�nnte . . .
Besten Dank!

--Gary E. Myer