I need some advice.... I am researching my ggg grandfather whose last name
was LAYMAN. We know that the name was Americanized from the original German
spelling. We have always assumed the original spelling must have been
LEHMANN. Does anyone know if there were other German spellings for that
name? So far I have been unable to trace him back to Germany. We do know he
came from Hannover, he was born in 1830, and he took an indirect rout via
England. I find several Frederick Lehmann's, but the age does not match the
date of arrival. It is believed he arrived in 1857 and so far I find no
record of an arrival for that name on that date. Since he enlisted in the
Union Army during the Civil War he did not have to apply foe citizenship.
The only papers I find on him (Military) say only that he came from
Hannover, Germany.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I am at a total loss.

Fred Layman