Langensalsa-Prussian Army Pages

Hello Rena,

    Since my ancestors came from the Hannover area, I would be very
    interested in reading about the Langensalsa - Prussian Army pages.
    Thank you in advance.

Hi Virginia,

We have a misunderstanding. I have a potted history of Hannover which
includes a few lines about the 1866 and 1871 wars. These two major times of
unrest are my only interest at this time. A few lines about the 1871 episode
were in my previous email. I will send it to you if you email me offline,
but you may find all you want in this family's account.

If you look for "Langensalsa" on 'Google' it will take you to this website
and a recount of a Hanoverian in the days leading up to that time and
afterwards. I have pasted a snippet below:-.

""The escape from Germany after the battle at Langensalsa. At this point
father was summoned to report to Prussian Army headquarters for military
service. He decided he did not wish to report to the Prussian Army. Instead
he would try to escape to America.

His home was in the low land country of the Elbe River which were arranged

drainage ditches. Water stood in them all the year around. In winter people
used them for travel ways by using skates. During the time of war the
highways and travel ways were under military guard and the only way to get
away was over the fields at night. Father's brother-in-law, John Henning
took his chest or trunk on a wheel barrow and also a board to use as a
bridge to cross the ditches, and finally reached Freiburg a distance of
several miles.""