Lange in Rueschendorf

Hello all,
  I would love some help if anyone can give info or advice. I am stuck on this side of the ocean and cannot really find where my ancestor left from in Germany or where he entered in the US. I have some guesses but nothing concrete. Here is what I know:
  Franz Lange b.1822 and immigrated 1833. Married Klara Wellmann from Osede Amt Iburg, Oldenburg in 1843 in the Minster, OH area. They had 7 or 9 children. He died in 1907. His tombstone is not helpful...translating as a "village in Oldenburg." He settled in the Minster, OH area, farmed, and started a brewery. He was Catholic.
  I am just not finding much online for 1833 passenger lists and I am at a disadvantage since I don't speak/read German. "Emigrants from the former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (Now Niedersachsen), Germany, Mainly to the United States, 1830-1849" by Ostendorf does list a Franz Lange leaving Rueschendorf in 1833 (four people). I suppose that could be my Franz Lange's father??? Any pointers on getting over this "brick wall" are appreciated.
  Any info on this family line is appreciated also!
  Tia Lange

Please e-mail me at I have information on this family. My mother has been working on it for someone else, whom I can put you in touch with.
Thanks, Father David Hoying

Hello Tia,

could it be that your Franz Lange was the oldest son in this family?
In this case this could be his parents:

marriage on 5.Sept.1820 in Damme:
- Franz Lange to Catharina Maria Kemphues,
lived and worked by farmer Lange in Damme-Dümmerlohausen (close to Rüschendorf)
Wittnesses: Christopher Lange and Carl Westendorf

Maybe Father David have more information, if not I can check more.

Werner Honkomp