Lage-Nativitas S. Joannis Baptiste Church

I am searching for records of my husband's ancestors. What information
I have comes from the records of this church and I understand that there
are records going back a long time. Also undestand that these records
must be searched professionally since they are not available in any
other manner or place but the church. Is there anyone who can lead me
to a researcher for this church in this town. Thank you. Please
answer to my personal email.

No, no. The records are most probably not located at the church
but rather at the RC diocesan archives in Osnabrück. The books
themselves are probably also off limits but the diocese has these
on film or fiche. Jens Kaufmann or Dr Sylvia Möhle would be two
qualified professionals who could investigate these books for you.
I'm sure one or both will contact you. If not, write back and I'll dig
up their addresses.


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Descendants of Heinrich KORTE

                                First Generation

1. Heinrich Korte-[22367] was born in Rieste, Germany.

  Heinrich married Joanna Antonetta R�vekamp-[21921] [MRIN:7733], daughter
      Joannis Henrich R�vekamps-[21919] and Margretha Maria
      in Rieste, Germany.

     Noted events in her life were:

     � Baptism: 31 May 1801, Lage Parish, Rieste, Germany.

  Children from this marriage were:

           + 2 M i. Johann Bernard Heinrich Korte-[22365] was born on 14
                         Jul 1836 in Rieste, Germany.
             3 M ii. Johan Heinrich Rudolph Korte-[22464] was born on 16
                         1838 in Rieste, Germany and died on 16 Dec 1862 in
                         Rieste, Germany (1).
             4 M iii. Johann Heinrich Joseph Korte-[22379] was born on 24
                         1845 in Lage Parish, Rieste, Germany and died on 24
                         Dec 1857 in Rieste, Germany, 12 Years, 5 Months

                                Second Generation

2. Johann Bernard Heinrich Korte-[22365] (Heinrich 1) was born on 14 Jul
       in Rieste, Germany.

  Johann married Catharina Maria Creuzman-[22364] [MRIN:7732], daughter of
      Gerhard Heinrich Joseph Creuzman-[22211] and Elisabeth
      Fleddermann-[22212], on 27 Feb 1864 in Lage Parish, Rieste, Germany

  Children from this marriage were:

             5 M i. Frederich Wilhelm Gerhard Korte-[22368] was born on
                         Oct 1864 in Rieste, Germany.

           General Notes: Godparents: Friedrich Reverman and Gerhard
           from Rieste.

           Noted events in his life were:

           � Baptism: 26 Oct 1864, Lage Parish, Rieste, Germany (1).

Thanks, Fred. If I get this all correct I have you to thank, over and

"W. Fred Rump" wrote:

Hi Fred,
    I never did hear from the researchers you mention in this email. If
you get their email addresses I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

"W. Fred Rump" wrote: