I am not searching for Kvist name. so now you all do not need to be helping me. [smile]

It is interesting though that Swedish names seem to be taken from nature and Norwegian taken from something else. From the fathers jon, knu,and,svet,ole,ras,sor,hol,nie, etc[smile]. I really know nothing about that. I am sure some swedish names had the fathers name as basis also.

Then when they came here some of them dropped the name and took the last farm name.

And I suppose this would be a topic for the Norwegian /swedish lists. One still has to disregard 'en' and 'on' endings as in Nielsen or Nielson. Johnsen is what I should look for as norwegian and Johnson a change. And to complicate it further there are many names in census as Johnson from Germany. [ I have to search for a missing Jakob Johnsen b 1861 in norway who went to america maybe through england liverpool and maybe through canada][another list material].

Because of the invasions in the area of Elbe maybe, I have found the name Carlsen with my lady Korn. The pastor indicated he may be swedish. [about 1880]. One must know ones areas history as well. Because of the drafting done during some wars many young lads left during the night for a safer region of germany. So lots of reasons for the movement for sure. We find our german person in the danish and switzerland and then immigrate to america later on. We miss them so easily.

And I am not so sure that if we see the name Johnson it means they originally came from norway or sweden. Because many names in the Schw Holstein are full of names like those of the danish area. Such as Carstensen, Nahnsen,Petersen. I say though maybe theorigination was those other regions in very early years. Ii don't know that history of northern germany and the danish countries. So I can not say the wrong thing here.

I don't need help with this. Just rambling, taking up space.
Thanks all for all the help that was extended.
Jo meyer

Hi Jo:

While you are talking about Swedish names, the subject is relevant on almost any genealogy list. The same thing happens in almost every country, "only the names have been changed" (to confuse us?).