Dear Anita,

there was/(is ?) a noble family Kulesza, coat of arms Slepowron, originating
from a heritage Kulesze in the area of Lomza (beginning of 15.th century and
later), from where it spread to Pdlasie and also Prussia, where it was later
also called "v. Kulessa". The family is well documented in the different
polish armorials but also in the Quassowski-Kartei. There is another family
Kulesza, coat of arms Jastrzebiec, in Masovia (about 1500 and later).

In the moment I cann´t see any connections between a masovian-prussian and a
silesian branch. As you might know, when you have read the list during the
last days, Kulesza is/was a quiet common name in Poland - over 13.000
bearers. Look at:
and then click the button "slownik nazwisk" and write the name you are
looking for.

Kind regards


Dar Wolgang
Many thanks for the info - I have looked at herby website and also note that
there are still 36 or so Kulessa's in Poland - the majority (32) from the
Opolski region which was Silesia. I guess I will have to keep searching!
Maybe one day I will find my answer.
Best wishes