I am looking for Birth/Baptism date and parents of Herman Heinrich Krogmann
born about 1815 in Oldenburg. I do not know when he immigrated to the US,
But I do know that on 08 Nov 1836 he married Mary 'Gertrude' Steure or
Stieve in Cincinnati, Ohio. They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and Campbell
County, Kentucky. Mary Gertrude was born in Germany, but I have no idea
where and she died in 1901 in Campbell Co., KY. Death date of Herman
Heinrich Krogmann is unknown.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Correction: Mary Gertrude Steure or Stieve was born in Oldenburg in Feb


Hello Nancy,

it could be:
- Hermann Henrich Krogmann, born 29.Mar.1814 in Lohne (Oldenburg)
Parents: Johann Henrich Krogmann - Catharina Maria Oldendiek
          owner of a small house in Schellohne

I could not find an emigration notice.

Could Stieve be Sieve?

Werner Honkomp

Werner and Nancy,

I have a Herman Heinrich Krogmann, born about 1802, probably in Lohne, who
came briefly to
Minster, Ohio. I have him immigrating to Baltimore, 18 June 1834, with no
ship name (see
the Baltimore Quarterly List). I have him first married to Angela Rasche /
Raske, then
going to Cincinnati and marrying Maria Gertrud Stüve from Oythe, whom I also
have briefly
in Minster.

Fr. David

Hello Nancy and Fr. David,

the history book of Lohne listed 1833 the emigration of
- H.H. Krogmann, son of the H�uslerin Krogman from Schellohne, 200 Rthl.

The ship EVERHARD, arrival Sept. 16, 1834 listed:
- H.H. Krogmann from Lohne (no other Krogmann`s)
and also:
St�ve Herm. Henr., Carpenter from Oythe
with wife Catharina and the children:
Clemens 8-12 years old,
Bernhard 4-8 years old,
Gertrud 1-4 years old.



I believe there are two Krogmann's who come in 1834. First, there is Herman
Heinrich, on 18 June, and then there is J. H. Krogmann
on the Everhard on 16 Sept. J. H. is listed with a Bernadina Krogmann,
apparently his wife.
The Gertrud Stüve on the Everhard is not the same one who married H. H.
Krogmann. The Stüve family
she belongs to came to Minster, and she apparently died as a child.

Fr. David