Kröger und Stampe Groß Tessin/ Lüders Rostock

My Kroeger family was living in Bulow, Mecklenburg Schwerin when my great
grandmother Engel Elizabeth Kroeger, daughter of Christoff Kroeger and Anna Maria
Froh. They had 5 children and his wife died. Christoff remarried and had 5
more children.

"Eliza Kroger" married Hans Heinrich Runge. They had 5 children my
grandfather Joachim Heinrich Runge was the 4th child. That was in the 1800s and they
moved with all the family in both the Kroeger and Runge sides to Ohio when my
grandfather was 10 years old. The whole family was very close and they were
all very active in the Lutheran Church.

All the church records are in Rehna, Mecklenburg Schwerin. In those records
my cousin had us traced back to the 1500s when I talked to her last. She is
tracing the Runges and another cousin is tracing for the Kroegers.

Best Wishes for the USA

I hope the church records in Rehna help you.