Kopulationsregistor for Mattias Kulow ? Neuenkirchen or Warlin?

Have you tried the LDS Family History Library? They have records for that
town. Here is the link:

If the link doesn't work, go to familysearch.org, then catalog, then place
search, and type in Neuenkirchen.

You can also find the location of your nearest FHL where you can order the


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I did have a genealogist search for me in Neuenkirchen records but he
   tells me that the church records only start in 1801 because older
   records were lost in a fire. If my Mathias was born about 1772
   in Neuenkirchen then that would not be found in church records.
   His death record of 1850 states that he was from Neuenkirchen.

   If the death record was wrong about his origin then maybe my Mathias
   could have come from another town. I thought that the one Mathias
   Kuhlow who married in 1760 and was also a cow-herder seemed like a
   possible connection. Maybe he was the father of my Mathias. That
   one was from Warlin.

   Klaus tells me of a marriage in Glocksin also. Yes, I will order
   these films.

   I assume that Neuenkirchen records only start in 1801 though, isn't
   that right? The son of my Mathias was Joachim Christian born about
   1797 and his birth record is not found, however his marriage record is
   found 21 NOV 1817 - Neuenkirchen + Anna Dorothea Voss