Koehne family

Dear Jerry,

I've some Koehne in my ancestry list. They come from the area of Oldenburg
(Grabstede). Perhaps there is a connection to your Koehne. My oldest birth
date is of Friedrich Koehne born 1784 in Grabstede. If you are interest in
my dates please let me know.

Tanja Schmidt

I think I got this by mistake, where did you get our e-mail #
We do have Koehnes living in Beach

Bein a member of Oldenburg Geneeaology I simply put a request to them.
Where is Beach and I wuold be interested in any info you might share.
I live in Cincinnati Ohio.

Yes I am interested. I don't know what City they came from, nor do We have ship records.
Carpe Diem
"Cz D Da "