Kl. Sextro-LÜBKE in Langwege near Dinklage

There are two entries for LÜBKE in Dr Pagenstert's book "Die Bauernhöfe im
Amte Vechta", LÜBKE (MÜHLEN) and LÜBKE (LEHMDEN). I will send you a JPG image
of the entries.

Ronald J Repking
Flossmoor, Illinois

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Please excuse my use of English. My German is very bad.

I am trying to understand the origin of the Lübke part of the kl.
Sextro-Lübke family name.

The family was part of the farming community of Langwege (II) near the town
of Dinklage in Oldenburg .

Catholic church records from Dinklage in the 1800's use "kl. Sextro vulgo
Lübke" for the family.
Johan Herman kl. Sextro vulgo Lübke (1774-1855) and his son Johan Heinrich
kl. Sextro vulgo Lübke (1810-1873) were the first people I found in the
records with the Lübke part of the name.

I know these extra names were used to tell families with similar names apart
but - why was Lübke chosen? Why was it important to the family?

An aunt said that Lübke was the name of a farm. Is that true?? Is it a
part of Langwege?

Does anyone on the list know something that might help me understand the
Lübke part of the name?

Franz Josef kl. Sextro-Lübke (1881-1946) came to America from Langwege in
1905. He farmed in the small town of Marysville in the state of Kansas.
His name changed to Francis Joseph Luebcke and all his descendants use that

Thank You for your help in figuring out why my name is "Lübke". :-))

Linda Luebcke

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