Kirchspiele in Mecklenburg

Hello Peter,

Wie geht's es dir. Vielen Dank für Ihren email. My Great Great
Grandfather who was born Johann Carl Ludwig Voje was born in
Karenz in 1837.

His Grandmother was Dorothea Elisabeth Paul and she was born
in Polz in October 1786. She married Joachim Christoph Voje in
Conow in 1813.

It was my Great Great Grandfather Johann Carl Ludwig Voje known
also by his fathers name of Bergmann who emigrated first to
London England and later to Brisbane Australia. We do not know
when he left Mecklenburg, maybe you can help me. We know he
was confirmed in Eldena in 1852. The next we find him is when he
married in London in 1858. If you would like any other information
about him we are happy to help.

We have been unable to find when or how he left Mecklenburg and
any help would be appreciated.

You mentioned you collect information about people who emigrated
from MEC to AU or NZ. Can you tell me if any people name Paul
or Voje or Ross emigrated to AU or NZ?

In August 2001 we visited Mecklenburg and in particular Polz,
Dömitz, Karenz, Conow, Eldena, Stück and Glaisin. We stayed in
Karenz with the familie Pagung. We visited the museum in Glaisin
and met Udo Baarck.

Your English is excellent. (Sehr Gut).

Vielen Grusse

Noel Bergman