Still searching info on W. Kielhorn b. ca 1849-1839 who had a son William b. in Illinois USA in 1869. Family oral history says family was from Kiel Germany. Is there any other forum I would have better luck.
Howard Banney

Suggestion: Try here:

and there SHFamD-L Schleswig-Holsteinische Familienforschung e.V.

with Kiel being in the Federal County of Schleswig Holstein.


Don't know if this is any help but there is a town called Kiel in
Holland(just like many people maybe the family confused dutch with duits)
plus there were quite a few Germany families living in Keil (like mine own
voorvaders) Kiel is now a part of Hoogezand, just outside the city of
Groningen in the provance of Groningen ,it is worth a schot.
Anna Marie