Kathe Hörstel

I have emailed a message to you via your niederschlesien-L@genealogy.net<mailto:niederschlesien-L@genealogy.net>
and as I am uncertain you will receive it I send another to you at this site.
My apologies, hope I am not a nuisance and apologise as well I only speak English.

Am searching for a Kathe Hörstel who married a Harri Schmidt in Baumschulenweg, Berlin
And ahd a child Wolfgang born 15th April 1940.

Searching the Eastern Prussia Records 1874-1945 there were a number of people named
Hörstel in Breslau and wonder if my Kathe Hörstel could have come from this district.
There was a Catharina Irma Olga Hörstel born 14 December 1894 in Breslau - was she a relative of my Kathe?

Hope you may be able to assist.
Kind regards
Barry Campbell
Tasmania, Australia

Hi Barry

First, I want to apologize for my bad english.
Now I have searched in the phone book Germany for the families Schmidt and Hörstel.
In Berlin alone, there are over 82 entries about Wolfgang Schmidt.
With the surname Hörstel there are only 30 entries in completely Germany.
Hörstel in Berlin there is only one.




Good advice.
I would best contact all the auditors (30).
And also all Wolfgang Schmidt in Berlin.
If you want I can help you with this.
A lot of work little income
I would be very happy about a data exchange.
We (I) search in Australia for all persons named Ruffert.

Sadly in moment only in German

Greetings from southern Germany

Klaus (Ruffert)