KARNITZ, Klein Bölkow

Johanna St Clair wrote that she is researching the following:
"2 Joseph KARNITZ b Feb 1847 Klen-Bulbow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 8 Sep
1892, Buffalo NY"

Perhaps Johanna you have misread Klein Bölkow as Klen-Bulbow. If so, you
can find the church records for Klein Bölkow under the church parish Hanstorf.

Ralph Reimers, Member of the 'Verein fuer mecklenburgische Familien- und
Personengeschichte e.V.'



Thank you for the tip. I found the place name in question on an 1892
Buffalo, NY marriage certificate.

I will keep this information on hand for future reference.

Johnna St Clair