Liebe Teilnehmer,

ich bekam folgende Nachricht.

Klaus Riecken

Hello Klaus,

I was just reviewing some old research papers and ran
across the following:

1855 Census, Film No. 39481

Claus Kähler 40 Rümohr
Magdalena K(?) geb. Linn(?) 40 (Can't read)

Maria Kähler 17(?) Rümohr
Christina Kähler 15 "
Margaretha Kähler 12 "
Magdalena Kähler 10 "
Johann Kähler 9 "

Johann Kimmersrich(??) 27 Flintbek(?)
Heinrich Gutzmann 18 Rümohr
Jochim Sellmer(??) 28 "
Sophia Breiggen(??) 19 (?)

I am completely guessing where (?) shows. This is an
old Xerox copy of the film.

Perhaps you already have seen this, but I know you are
looking for "Kähler aus Rümohr." Thought I would
forward it to you since you have been so helpful with
my search efforts in the past. I have not linked this
family with my Kähler family.

I am going to request the film again and review it
because of a recent new Kähler contact in Kiel. It
was on this film that I found my gr. gr. grandfather,
CLAUS DETLEV KÄHLER, and his children, including my
gr. grandfather, HANS CHRISTIAN.

Mit freundlichen Sonntagsgrüßen

Marge Kvinge