Jospeh Loffler, Goldbach, Bavaria

ich habe alle Unterlagen , wo und wie kann ich sie weitergeben ?

Albrecht (Reiling)

Gruppen Familien- und Wappenkunde in Stiftung Bahn - Sozialwerk
Region Süd / Bezirk Nürnberg
Gruppe D - 63739 Aschaffenburg
Frankenstraße 8

_LARA21834@aol.com_ (

Dear Mrs. Valerie ??,

in regard to the subject matter I was asked by Mr. A. Reiling, e-mail
address:, to inform you of the following:

To be able to assist you any further in your search about detailed data of
your relatives, you should forward your request to ther above email address.

1. There you may be provided with a CEDCOM-file for the genealogy studies
about the Loffler familiy. Or,

2. In case the mentioned file cannot be used, a 32-page PDF-file about the
Loffler familiy may be forwarded as an add-on file to a regular email to your
address. Or,

3. If you should use any of the following:
- Trillian

any of these can be used to forward the subject file, provided the Nick of
the applied program is made known.

It is highly appreciated if you could communicate your request in the German

Thank you and best regards.