John Peter Daniel Muhlinghaus

I am seeking information about John Peter Daniel Muhlinghaus. He was born in Walde Trifsia Prussia on October 18, 1805. He left Prussia and traveled to the port of Rotterdam and arrived in Baltimore Maryland on June 5th 1834. He was traveling with people who belonged to the Solingen Emigration Society. I know that he wrote a letter home to his mother and brother Casper. This letter was found for me in the Aretz letters. He didn't know when he wrote the letter if his mother would still be living and it sounds like his father had already passed away. I don't think he ever made it back to Prussia. If anyone can give me any additional information on this family line I would appreciate it. Thanks, Pam Lee

Hello Pam,
perhaps he is from Radevormwald.

In Solingen you can ask for help here:

In Schwelm I found these Muhlinghausen
or M�hlinghausen:

oo00.00.1669 Wittiber Peter aus dem Kampe
                       oo Ennecken M�hlinghausen
                       V.: Johan Muhlinghausen +

oo10.10.1742 Johann Georg Heller
oo Maria Cath. M�hlinghaus

Eva Holtkamp :-))