J W Burgdorrf

That's my thought also but is the 6 January date for New York or New Orleans?
Not that big a deal - I should move on to my search in Germany.
Thanks, Max

Dear Max,

Were you born in New Orleans? Do you remember any cousins that may have lived elsewhere when you were growing up?

Was your dad or grandpa in the military?

I noticed the ship Turrialba 1915 departing from Cuba?? at ancestry.com with a passenger ...
Max C. Burgdorf (U.S. citizen, residence New Orleans).

I wonder if U.S. has been using a base at Gitmo sinse the Spanish American War? I think this war happend circa 1898??? I wonder if they taught soldiers there for WWI?

There was another ship I perrused. This ship is called the Robert Patten..

Capt. Robert Patten, Bremerhaven, Oct. 15, 1847 - New Orleans, Dec. 11; in ballast; 150 steerage passengers (AAZ, 1848, p. 44; NAMP, M259-27-233; NAMP, M272-4; Picayune*, Dec. 11, 1847, p. 3, col. 7) ******

This ship included a William Burgdorf from HANNOVER. He was on page 2 of 3 I think… The first page had writing at the top … something I think about Trinity Church??? Maybe someone on list is familiar with this list…or could make out actual words on that list. I think you mentioned something about a church in New Orleans at one time?

The data on this ship appears to have been in the Picayune paper... [New Orleans]

Here is far-fetched idea ... and could be senseless... I remember there was a Julius Burgdorf from Barbecke we spoke about before with an 1849 auswanderer.

I think data refers to that Julius...

Name: Joh. Julius Christian Burgdorf
Year: 1849
Place: America
Family Members: Wife Ilse Christine M Ebers; Child; Child Joh. Sophie Christine; Child Christian Heinrich C.; Child Joh. Christoph Julius
Source Publication Code: 2822
Primary Immigrant: Burgdorf, Joh. Julius Christian
Annotation: "Lists of Emigrants From the Former Duchy of Braunschweig [or Brunswick]; Not Including the City of Braunschweig and the County of Holzminden, 1846-1871." Date of notice requesting emigration permit and intended destination. Extracted from notices in Brau
Source Bibliography: GRUHNE, FRITZ. Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig; ohne Stadt Braunschweig und Landkreis Holzminden, 1846-1871. (Quellen und Forschungen zur Braunschweigischen Geschichte, vol. 20, 1971.) Brunswick [Germany]: Braunschweigischen Geschichtsverein, 1971. 293p.
Page: 24